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Emanuel C. Schembri


Born in Siggiewi Malta 22nd November 1948 

Education: State Primary & Secondary Schools: The Archbishop's Seminary; St Joseph Secondary Technical School; Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology; The Technical Institute; University of Siena; Deutsche Welle Training Centre (Koln); University of Malta 

Presently deputy head, Employment Section at the Inland Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance 

Former radio and television script writer, journalist, producer and director. Chief Parliamentary Correspondent for State Radio (1974 - 76). Newspaper journalist and article writer. Public Relations Secretary to two Presidents of the Republic of Malta 1982 - 1990. Speech writer to President Agatha Barbara 1982 - 1987. 

Widely travelled in Europe and the Far East. 

Former regular contributor of the General Workers Union daily, Malta News, l-Orizzont, and the Malta Labour Party official organ KULLHADD.  

Author of numerous unpublished short stories, novels, a play and poetry. Most of these literary works are in Maltese, some in English, a few in Italian. 

Founder of the Maltese Archaeological Society, Grupp Arkejologiku Malti,(1980); Set up the National Museum of Political History, for the Ministry of Culture and Welfare (1980); Originator of the Institute Children's Bank Book Fund (1987). 

Studied music in Malta and the U.K. Tutors included Mro Carmelo Pace. 

Unpublished musical Compositions are mostly for the pianoforte.  

Keenly interested in radio and electronics. Licenced Radio Amateur - call sign 9H4 S -- CB enthusiast, and computer addict since 1978.  

Other interests include graphic design, photography, computer design, the occult, listening to pop, rock, classical and operatic music, piano playing, geology, archaeology and home decorating, travel and car touring abroad.

Premio Italia (1990) for professional activity, Accademia Internazionale per l'Arte, Scienze, e Cultura, Rome.

Proza u Poezija ta' l-istess awtur





Rocky, my pet, died peacefully in the back of my car on 7th August, 2000,at 10.43am, outside the vets, having waited for assistance for an hour, at the age of 12years. His ashes occupy the most prominent place in my study, a constant reminder of twelve years of unselfish devotion, love and affection the likes of which only a Dog can give to man.


Ghar Lapsi used to be my favourite oasis until I became a recluse.

GOWI  novella.

Il-Garra Artiklu

Pagna mahduma f'Marzu 1998

L-ahhar tigdid:  1 ta' Dicembru, 2001

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