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Thank you for calling in, at this tiny corner in cyber-space, which I consider my own, and which I am so glad to share with you. In almost four years since I put up this site, a good number of thousands of people have come here to read about Dom Mintoff, so much that this has become a reference site for those interested in the life and deeds of this Statesman who has left a definite mark in international politics.

Although the Internet is no longer as new as it was some years back when I first put up this site, it is still a fascinating means of communication as ever. The past few years have, if anything, made of internet one of the most reachable sources of information man has ever devised. People the world over, can now directly contact and maintain written, visual and audio communication with other peoples practically anywhere else in the world.

Another great possibility which the internet offers to so many people who have yearned to publish their personal ideas is to do just that without, for instance, incurring in prohibitive costs. Beside its low cost, the internet offers also ease of publication without the usual problems involved in the publication sector.

Taking up on this idea, I too have published some of my writings on the Internet. These vary in nature, from the contemporary political history of my country, Malta, dominated as it was until recently, by Dom Mintoff, to some of my literary works and studies on specific subjects.

The text language used is English. I have, however, left my literary writings in their original language, Maltese.

As you can see, there is minimum use of graphics in this page, to facilitate downloading. This might, unfortunately, make this page visually dull for some people's tastes. My apologies for that.

Enjoy your stay, and if you would like to leave a message, you may visit one of the guest books or even e-mail direct. All messages and e-mails are replied to, provided a valid return address, is supplied.

E.C. Schembri


(These pages are in English)



 Historical Background -

Mintoff - Malta's Man for all Seasons

 The Making of a Statesman

 The Man of State

 Malta Gains its Freedom


 Mintoff at 84 years - Still a Man of Steel and with a lot to say

(This page had to be re-written before it was posted, due to the events of the past three years. Will hopefully be posted here soon.)




 Malta Stands Up to British Imperialism - 1958

 The Years of Shame - 1961 - 1969





 Dom Mintoff's family album

 Dom Mintoff's political career

 Dom Mintoff's international connections


The Author - an autobiographical note


(These pages are in Maltese unless otherwise stated)






Ix-Xbejba tal-Misrah

intervista mas-Sinjorina Agatha Barbara, ex-President ta' Malta

Gieh il-Haddiem - artiklu dwar Jum il-Haddiem

Il-Garra - artiklu dwar it-traffiku u l-egoismu

Irwejjah - artiklu

Il-Hati - artiklu

Karattri - artiklu

Il-Karita'? - artiklu

Gieh Misthoqq lil Karmenu Vassallo artiklu

UTOPJA - artiklu

Il-Wirt - artiklu


Newspaper Distribution in Malta - (in English) my dissertation presented at the end of a course in Middle Management at the University of Malta - June 1997


Holm li tar

Lil Nadia



All writings in this site are original and therefore subjective. - The Author

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